Review of the InterContinental Hong Kong

Wow. Is all you can say when you walk into the huge living room complete with grand piano and double-height, floor-to-ceiling windows. And through the windows you can spy the room’s private, infinity-edge pool against the 180-degree uninterrupted backdrop of Hong Kong’s famous city skyline.

This is the Presidential Suite at the InterContinental, and at 7,000 square foot, it’s the largest suite in Hong Kong.

The bathroom, too, is something else. Firstly, the bathtub complete with countless jets is so big that you could fit a whole Hong Kong Rugby Sevens team in it. It’s also perched right by floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering sweeping views of the city while you bathe. The super–high-tech showers also offer the same stunning view. And then there’s the private steam room and sauna. Oh, and Chanel toiletries.

The bathroom of the Presidential Suite at the InterContinental.

But it’s the suite’s private pool that has really become an iconic image across the world. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s large for worldwide private villa standards, let alone space-starved Hong Kong standards. Nestled alongside the pool is a private sunbathing area. And to the right, a trellised hangout spot where many-a-celebrity

Five Family Friendly Caribbean Spring Break Destinations

The beautiful and colorful Dutch-inspired buildings of Curacao.

Every spring sees packed planes of families and couples escaping their own cold temperatures for a tranquil sea down south, hoping to bring color back into their skin and to get a boost of summer before everyone else. However, as much as beaches are more or less all the same, no two Caribbean destinations are – Mexico’s got Mayan Ruins, the Bahamas has Atlantis Paradise Island, Curaçao has languages and art and culture. That’s why families love the Caribbean – because though kids get bored at the beach, when they can come face to face with a dolphin, their year is made.

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5. Let Nassau be your gateway to paradise

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Though not technically in the Caribbean, the Bahamas certainly feels close enough. And on Atlantis Paradise Island, a luxury resort just outside of Nassau, it feels like paradise. Paradise allows you to get up

10 Destinations like Paris

Paris is an inimitable city, its grand boulevards shooting off from the Seine like arteries, leading to iconic art galleries, boutique fashion stores, great literary quarters and innumerable fabulous cafes and bistros. If you’re infatuated with its many charms – the culture, the architecture, the food, the coffee, the shopping, the hotels, the views and the romance – then try these ten cultured cities for a shiver of the same pleasure as emanates from France’s fabled capital.

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10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Peaceful, tolerant Amsterdam is known for several of the same qualities as Paris. Its trio of world-class art galleries, while not as iconic as the Louvre, together contain a collection that is just as impressive. The Rijksmuseum hangs renowned Rembrandts alongside works by other Old Masters such as Jan Steen and Jan Vermeer; the Van Gogh Museum has more of the expressionist artist’s paintings than anywhere else in the world; and the Stedelijk Museum shelters a superb collection of modern and contemporary art. Once you’ve soaked up the city’s artistic

Visit Indonesia, Top Travel Destination

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world having awesome natural beauty and world class arrangements for tourists all over the Indonesia. Indonesia comes in the list of top tropical countries where tourists can see the rare animals, volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls, forests, deep caves, green mountains and breath taking sceneries of natural beauty.

Why Indonesia is best option among the other South East Asian Countries

The land of Indonesia is filled with rich culture which makes it prominent as compared with other countries in the South Asian region. You have best chance to meet hundreds of ethnic groups speaking different languages and enjoying their events. Elephants, tigers and komodo dragons are common here for live view. Almost 17000 islands are awaiting your attention and visit to personally enjoy with rich culture of Indonesia. Taste the local food like; nasi goreng, satay, pempek and martabak. You may also enjoy wide variety of cuisine that will tempt your appetite 24/7 service support.

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Bogor, Ubud, Lombok, Surabaya and lots of famous destination awaiting tourists to enjoy their best time of

Hidden Galapagos: exploring the underwater paradise

Famous as the place that gave birth to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Galapagos Islands are equally well known as the home of a diverse number of animals. Most people travelling to the Galapagos are hoping to spot the famous giant turtle on the beach or the immense giant tortoise; however, it is the underwater life that really makes it a destination worth heading to.


Image Credit

The Galapagos

The archipelago is officially part of Ecuador but is located 1,000km from the coast, making it largely undeveloped with a small human population. The distance from the mainland, the warm climate and the low impact of humans have all helped to sustain a habitat that is as rich and diverse in marine life as anywhere on the planet. Galapagos holidays are gaining in popularity but visitor numbers are controlled in many areas, making it a once-in-a-lifetime destination.

Marine sightseeing

There are two main ways to discover the underwater side of the Galapagos: by boat or on a diving holiday. Boat holidays can take in much of the marine life that

Best Escort Agencies in Belgium

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Some Common Mistakes in Making Chicken Soup

How to make chicken soup ingredients is fairly easy, and there are actually some possible variations in terms of ingredients and end-result. However, there are some important things that should be concerned when it comes to creation of delicious soup. First of all, it is all about ingredient selection. In picking ingredient, it is important to think about its nutrition and taste. It will be great if the soup is designed as food and medication at the same time. This plan sounds great, but there is a problem. It is important to make sure there is no bitter vegetable or the whole soup will taste bitter. One species of mustards, for example, are nice for soup. However, they sometimes are also bitter that results unpleasant taste in mouth. Avoiding such ingredients in the soup will be essential.


The next thing is related to the chicken itself. Some people may pick chicken breast as the main ingredients because it is all meat and presumably makes the soup tastes better. However, it is actually not that way. The reason is because parts that release the true flavor of chicken are thighs and wings as the skin and bones are in this

Questions About Limos You Must Know the Answers To

Tips and Guides on How to Safely Pick the Right Limo Service If a person is to look for a reputable limo service, then it will most likely be because they need it for a certain event and it could be graduation, wedding day or you just need to be picked up from an airport but no matter what type of service it may be for, making sure that you are hiring the right limo service is vital to safeguard your safety. Taking proper care and consideration on your search brings nothing but security, no matter where your destination may be because you can then assure that you will be safe no matter what. So just before you decide to call out companies and inquire about their service, make sure that you have come up with a final count on how many passengers will there be so you can assure that you will avoid problems from happening in the first place. Before you collect the names of the possible limo service that you will hire, see to it that you will check first how many passengers will there be because although you can find companies

Tips for the Nice Time in Bandung

Are you attracted to visit Bandung for your next holiday? Here are some tips that you need to prepare. First, you need to find out the best hotel that you can use for your temporary living there. Bandung offers you with many interesting hotels but you need to be really selective. You need to find out the reviews of the places before you choose which one of the hotels that you will choose. Sheraton is one of the recommended hotels that you can choose if you want to find out the complete facilities of living. This hotel is located in the strategic place also. If you are interested, you can find out the sheraton bandung address in their website address in order to find out where the hotel located.

Do you love traveling? Is traveling become one of your hobby? Well, if you are such a person who loves traveling, it is such a good hobby for you. Remember, not all of people have the chance for go to many places around the world. If you love this hobby and you have a lot of chances for visiting many places around the world, you

Travel Insurance for Your Asia Travel Trip

When you are planning to travel Asia it is always recommended that you must have travel insurance, especially for China, India, Japan and Thailand. If you are looking for adventure in your holiday like trekking, parachuting, riding etc. it is very difficult to find travel insurance accordingly. Now the question arise how can find the right travel insurance plan. Most of the holiday travel insurance plan will allow some limited adventure activities; depending on your prior experience they put restriction on it. If you are expert in trekking, riding, parachuting then this travel insurance will cover your all risk otherwise they will denied coverage.

Travel Insurance policies cost is around 5% to 7% of your total trip. It covers some risk like trip cancellation, medical services during the traveling, travel interruption, and emergency travel assistance service. You must have understood the policy before purchasing any travel insurance policy. It may or may not be cover full coverage of travel trip.

Trip cancellation insurance covers nonrefundable expenses, medical services and emergency travel assistance services covers you during your travel trip. Some insurance companies have changed their insurance policy because of terrorism. They have changed the terrorism provision in their insurance to include domestic

Callgirl As Your Company In Amsterdam

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Call Girls Order for Amazing Trip

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Gone with the wind: Migratory birds need less time to travel along longer routes when they optimize for wind support

Each year migratory birds travel over thousands of kilometres. In spring and autumn, billions of individuals move from colder and less productive areas across vast distances to warmer and more productive places. To do so, however, it seems that the shortest route does not necessarily grant the fastest journey. Birds can save energy and time if they use wind support. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell Germany have calculated optimal routes in respect to wind support globally. Their research shows that birds using optimal wind conditions can save up to a quarter of travel time. Thus birds optimising on wind support should arrive earlier and in better conditions and have higher chances of survival and reproduction. The knowledge about such optimal flyways could spread over generations in migratory species.

On their migratory journey, birds cross oceans, the highest mountains, and deserts. The arctic tern, for example, holds the world record in annual avian travel distance, where it moves between its breeding grounds in the Arctic to winter in the Antarctic. Using satellite based technology, scientists are just on the verge of unravelling these phenomena.

Scientists, led by Kamran Safi at the Max Planck Institute for

The Travel Pillow And 5 Various Travel Tips Which May Improve The Manner You Take A Trip

Visiting different places is certainly exciting especially if you’re going on a trip on your own or with your loved ones. The countless brand-new and interesting attractions and sounds that you may be encountering the first time certainly will be life altering. Then again, usually there are some factors that will bring about in making the ideal get-away into a nightmare.

To help with making your own travel experience even more of a fantasy and less of a bad dream, we will talk about some of the most fantastic travel cheats that you’ll truly wish you realized sooner. Just before that though, allow us to just simply talk about a brief yet handy strategy that can significantly influence your own comfort and relaxation.

A neck pillow might not exactly look much but this common tool can greatly make it easier to loosen up and maybe even go to sleep on your journey. A superb memory foam pillow can avoid or lessen neck, shoulder and also upper back problems to get a much more comfortable trip.

Should you decide to travel, we seriously recommend that you get yourself a high-quality memory pillow. A memory pillow is definitely better choice in comparison with inflatable or

Marine debris travels far, research shows

Rubbish dumped at sea off Townsville will end up on the popular Mission Beach holiday spot, while Cairns’ marine trash goes straight to the exclusive Port Douglas resort — according to new computer modelling by a James Cook University scientist.

JCU’s Kay Critchell fed local wind and tide data into the state-of-the-art SLIM modelling system. She then tracked drift patterns for an average-sized plastic water bottle that found its way into Townsville’s Ross River or Cairns’ Trinity Inlet, or was dumped at sea along the Great Barrier Reef.

Rubbish from the Ross River washed ashore in the northern beachside suburb of Pallarenda, while plastic from Trinity Inlet headed for Port Douglas. The model showed plastic debris from a shipping lane off Townsville’s Magnetic Island would land on the popular Mission Beach, about halfway between Cairns and Townsville.

Ms Critchell said the findings were consistent. “For floating plastic the big driver was the wind. The main collection points were south or south-east facing beaches and those in close proximity to a river mouth.”

She said with limited resources available to beach clean-up crews, it’s important their activities are targeted. “According to this study, the best use of their time would be to

One way travel

What do we mean by one way travel? This is taken to mean when someone has open ended travel plans and has not bought a return leg or, perhaps, if someone is emigrating and wants to have cover for the travel part of their itinerary. The advice here is to check the policy wording carefully. Some policies, mostly at the cheaper end of the market, will not have cover in place for one way travel and will require travellers to have purchased, or have proof of purchase, of a return ticket and insurers will ask to see this, if and when, a claim is made. Once you have found a travel insurance provider who will cover one way travel, you do need to remember that cover will only be provided for the period of their insurance or there could be a restriction on how long the cover is in place once you have arrived at your final destination. This could easily be overlooked. Likewise, don’t assume that your annual multi-trip insurance policy will cover you for the period you spend away, as most of these policies do have trip limits. So if your annual policy allows you to take individual

A comprehensive list of travel agents

Incorporating fashion in your life can be quite costly. Especially nowadays, trends just keep on popping out from everywhere like wild mushrooms. When one trend sprouts, another dies, thus, what you bought three months ago may already be unfashionable. That’s how quickly your fashion assets become expenses. It helps to read a couple of false eyelashes reviews just to get up to speed with fashion.

One thing that is a common problem of people, particularly women, is waking up and having trouble choosing what to wear. They would say that they have nothing to put on when in fact, their closet overflows with different types of clothing and accessories. But worry no more because with the use of your creativity, your old clothes may turn into a new one.

Have you ever thought about wearing something out of recycled materials? It might seem a bit silly and you may think it is cheap, but in reality, this can be beneficial both to you and your environment. Here are some things that you can make out of your old fashion wears.

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You have to pay when you travel, but scams travel for free. What works for a con artist in one part of the world can easily jump borders and reappear any place else in a matter of minutes.

Today’s blog will focus on travel scams. My reason for choosing this topic is that I fell for one of these cons recently. I am writing with the hope that if you know what could be coming, it will not happen to you.

I did a quick survey of several well-known travel sites to see what schemes they are warning readers to avoid.


Scambusters ( warns about the vulnerability of cell phones through Bluetooth, the system that allows cell phones, tablets, and wireless headphones to connect with each other by using the “discoverable” mode.   If you leave Bluetooth activated, hackers can pair with your devices without your knowledge. Scambusters says they can steal your information, send messages, and install viruses. Scambusters recommends turning the Bluetooth feature off after you make your connection and using encryption software for all the sensitive data on your devices.

Scambusters also cautions about an airport scam when laptop computers are placed on the conveyer belt

Las Vegas Girls Only Hot Spot

I can’t sing. But here I am at a karaoke bar in Las Vegas with my normally reserved sister-in-law and her sister, belting out “Sweet Caroline” as fellow patrons wince and my bride-to-be niece, Carrie, squirms in embarrassment.


Hampton Inn
Members save up to 10%off the best available rate.


Plan your perfect vacation with AARP’s Trip Finder Tool

Those of us at the microphone don’t care. We’re in Vegas, baby! Even my sister-in-law’s 80-something mom is letting loose. Earlier that day, she’d bought all of us tacky necklaces with flashing lights. And when we hit the casinos to play blackjack and roulette, we had a hard time pulling her away from the slot machines. In fact, she was the one who inspired this multigenerational, all-women family trip to celebrate Carrie’s upcoming wedding.

The spa at our resort, the upscale Bellagio, which is famed for its dancing fountains, curtains off an area in its salon for women celebrating special occasions. (You can sip champagne

Linguist explains secret language of Gulliver’s Travels

A linguist from the University of Houston is proposing a solution to a centuries-old puzzle: What sparked the “nonsense” language in “Gulliver’s Travels”?

Irving N. Rothman, a professor of English literature and Jewish studies at UH, says the mystery words are, in fact, variations of Hebrew. His conclusions are published in the summer 2015 edition of Swift Studies, an annual review of scholarship on the work of novelist Jonathan Swift from the Ehrenpreis Center.

In the article, “The ‘Hnea Yahoo’ of Gulliver’s Travels and Jonathan Swift’s Hebrew Neologisms,” Rothman points out a number of clues he used to reach this conclusion. Swift, he notes, was an Anglican minister who studied Hebrew at Trinity College.

“Gulliver’s Travels,” published in 1726, is Swift’s best-known work, a satire on human nature, politics and the traveler’s tales popular at the time. It remains a staple of high school and college literature classes.

Written in the voice of traveler Lemuel Gulliver, the novel reports the unlucky Gulliver’s various adventures, including his capture on the shores of the island nation of Lilliput by a race of people just six inches tall.

Immediately upon his capture, Gulliver encounters a puzzling use of language.

“When Gulliver awakens to discover himself tethered

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Where to Get an American Thanksgiving Outside the U.S.

Traveling overseas come late November? Doesn’t mean you’ll miss a traditional turkey dinner.

Thanksgiving has long been one of the most celebrated American holidays: marked by everything from turkey to pumpkin pie, from football to the Macy’s Day Parade, and from being thankful to being stuffed, there’s something for everyone. While the day’s festivities can be hard to replicate outside of the U.S., certain restaurants around the world have taken it upon themselves to try—and its something we’re thankful for.

Read on for our ever-expanding list, or jump ahead to your city of interest: Beijing; Berlin; Cape Town; Copenhagen; London; Melbourne; Milan; Paris; Shanghai; Vancouver; Seoul; and Tokyo



If you think traveling in China means missing Thanksgiving, think again. The large number of American expats living in Beijing ensures that a surprising number of turkey dinners and promotions pop up every November at restaurants, hotels, and breweries. Here are 10 places to celebrate Thanksgiving there this year.

The Big Smoke Bistro

This popular Xingfucun brasserie is pulling out all the stops, serving a honey agave-glazed turkey with red wine gravy. Turkey portions are available for small tables of two or three people all the way up to groups of 14. Sides, like the portobello

Want beauty enhancement or surgery? Visit Alicante

Alicante is well-known for being a healthy place to live or go on holiday. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said the region is one of the healthiest places to live, the climate is beneficial for many people and the Mediterranean diet rich in fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, fish and olive oil is also highly-acclaimed.

Now, the Alicante region is gearing up to become a top destination for health care. The WHO also ranked Spain’s health service as seventh in the world in 2013 so health tourists can be assured they will be getting first-class treatment at top-quality clinics and hospitals.

Lengthy NHS waiting lists and the cost of private operations and treatments in the UK has led to even more people flying out to Alicante for treatments and therapies.

The quality of the hospitals and clinics coupled with the low cost compared to those in northern Europe are encouraging tourists and visitors to have medical treatments in the Alicante region.

Many specialists speak English, Dutch and German as well as Spanish so there won’t be any problems with the language.

Mediterranean Health Care president Alberto Giminez highlighted the quality of care homes for older people, treatments available in the medical clinics and the